Welcome to our Index and ETF Iron Condor and Credit Spread Options Trading Newsletter Advisory Service. Our goal is to consistently produce profits of around 5% per month with our trading system.

  • This is a strategy that gives you the comfort of knowing before you ever enter a trade what your maximum profit and your maximum loss may be.

  • Trade with the confidence of having a coach and a mentor by your side at all times.

  • Our trades are very safe and conservative.

  • You don't have to sit in front of your computer all day to watch charts or babysit your positions.

  • You can keep your day job, remain retired, travel, or even be on vacation while trading with our system.

  • We trade with a very high percentage of profitability, we average a 90% success rate.

  • We give you in great detail the trades to enter and we also tell you where to set your alerts and where and when to get out.

  • You will always be hedged; there will never be any uncovered, naked, or uninsured positions.

  • Enjoy an almost completely stress free style of trading.

  • We use a proprietary batch of data that is researched, analyzed, and updated daily to give us an indication of the strength or weakness of what we are trading and of the overall markets.

  • You will be able to remain calm throughout the day even during trading hours and get a good nights sleep once again, no more lying awake worrying about your trading positions.

  • We trade low risk non-directional trades. We don't care if the market moves up, down, or sideways. We still make money regardless.

  • 80% - 85% of the time the market just moves sideways anyway, so why even try to pick a direction.

  • Learn to trade like the professional floor traders and hedge funds.

  • The professionals only buy options to protect their positions, the rest of the time they sell options.

  • When you are a seller of options you have a 3 out of 4 chance of making money.

  • Selling options is like being the owner of a casino because the odds are stacked in your favor.

  • You will be able to remove your emotions from your trading.

  • We offer a complete trading system with rules and guidelines that we strictly follow to produce a consistent monthly income of around 10% R.O.I.

  • If you leave your profits in your account to keep compounding here are some examples of where you can be in a very short period of time ---
$5,000 10% 48 OVER $485K
$10,000 7.5% 60 OVER $766K
$25,000 7.5% 48 OVER $804K
$50,000 5% 48 OVER $520K
$100,000 5% 48 OVER $1 MILLION
  • Check out our Monthly Compounding Interest Rate Calculator to customize the figures for your own trading account. Click Here

  • The stock market is always testing bullish and testing bearish. We just sit back relax and collect our money while it sorts itself out

  • We show you our personal money management/asset allocation techniques that we use for trading our system

  • We teach you how to negotiate your orders to squeeze more money out of each deal

  • We explain how to be prepared for and deal with another 9/11 type situation

  • We only sell far out of the money credit spreads, which means we are selling pure extrinsic/time value

  • As each day passes the expensive options we sold become cheaper and cheaper even over the weekend when the market is closed. This is called time decay and eventually it erodes our options until they are worthless

  • We only trade the largest, most liquid, and most diversified Indexes and ETF's

  • We never trade individual stocks so that we can't be hurt by any single upgrade/downgrade, earnings announcement, etc

  • Credit spreads reduce volatility and put time on your side

  • You can trade our system even with limited capital

  • You don't need to know or guess which way the market is going. You can actually be wrong with our style of trading and still make money

  • A much more forgiving style of trading that allows you a large margin of error

  • There is never a need to make split second decisions as your game plan will be mapped out long before any potential trouble

  • You will not have to worry about overtrading and racking up a huge bill in commissions

  • Be able to trade from virtually anywhere with all of today's wireless technology and do it in an environment where commissions are the lowest they have ever been adding more money to your bottom line

  • If you're traveling and don't have access to a computer simply go to a library and login to our site or to your email and check for updates, or view our updates through your wireless laptop computer, cell phone, or PDA device